Welcome to our May issue

John Swinney

This month sees another milestone on the path of 3SC’s regeneration, in the form of the publication of a thought leadership document – our Position Paper #1 – which questions the way in which public sector procurement currently works. This paper is to be launched at a House of Commons event on 22 May; places are now scarce but if you would like to attend please get in touch. To question is easy; to suggest practicable solutions is tough; but Position Paper #1 throws into the mix some ideas which we believe are sensible.

This month’s 3SC Impact carries an interview with one of our Executive Committee members, Andy Schofield, on why his company has formed a Partnership with 3SC; we hope that it goes some way to inspire others to do the same.

Among the issues touched on in this edition is that of 3SC’s new membership offer – get in touch with us and learn how our expertise can clear the distracting clutter and can help you grow. It is hard to slog away at worthwhile change, particularly if your organisation is already running at full speed, as Andy Schofield suggests. Collaboration and the pooling of ideas and resources is the way forward.

John Swinney, Chair of 3SC.