Welcome to our July/August summer issue

A very warm welcome to the latest issue, number 4, of 3SC’s online magazine, 3SC Impact, which is a double issue for July + August, taking account of the holiday season.

We certainly are living through interesting times, whether it’s football or politics. For 3SC more specifically it is highly gratifying to see that the Government has decided to strengthen the Social Value Act which was one of the recommendations in our first Position Paper. David Lidington, Minister for the Cabinet Office, said at the end of June that commissioners will be required to take social value into account when awarding contracts to the private and third sectors. Change does happen; progress is made; it may not be at a speed that some want, but policy does seem to be moving in the right direction.

Because this is a double issue, we have packed it with twice the normal contents. There are a variety of shorter stories, a couple of longer interviews, and lots of insights into what 3SC stands for, and does. We are keen to widen our network of colleagues and partners, and would love to hear from you. So despite the surprising amount of peculiar events going on – whether it’s the remarkable summer so far, or the confusing back and forth over Brexit – just remember one thing: life goes on!

Best wishes,

John Swinney, Chair of 3SC.