3SC’s 50+ Support

“I would encourage everyone who is unemployed to do this course. It opens up a whole new world.” That’s one of the encouraging feedback comments by one of the 37 customers who attended one of 3SC’s “Over 50+ Support” programmes in Wales, which started in May this year and will run through to February 2019, funded by the Department for Work and Pensions. Over six weeks and across seven locations, people aged 50 and over will be encouraged to move towards work by increasing their motivation and self-confidence. The aim of the Programme is to successfully up skill 235 50+customers, on the current contracts.

The first cohort has been very successful with 33 out of 37 completing the courses at Newport and Bargoed. The training during the course comes in 12 modules, covering a range of topics such as goal-setting, CV writing and job applications, interview skills, literacy and numeracy, and use of the internet. Finding work or changing jobs at 50+ can be a severe challenge. According to the charity AGE UK, “for those who find themselves out of work it is harder to get another job than for any other age group”. Yet at the same time the prospects for working into one’s older years ought to be excellent, purely on the basis of demographics. By 2026 the population aged 65 and over is projected to be 20.5%, a rise of slightly more than 6% in 50 years. The 16-64 year age group is at the same time forecast to shrink to 60.7% in 2026. Funding of the state pension at the age of 65 will inevitably come under pressure and people will want to work longer, for financial and health reasons. 3SC’s 50+ Support programme is helping those who wish to stay active and engaged very successfully which is not only beneficial to them but also to wider society as a whole.

Photo by Unsplash